This is what we do…

  • Manage the support and development infrastructure for the curricular and scholarly application of information technology by faculty, staff and students
  • Assist faculty in the evaluation and assessment of applications of information technology and their effectiveness in meeting educational objectives
  • Identify new and innovative technology applications and provides resources to faculty, staff, and students for learning about technology
  • Coordinate with other groups in ITS regarding resources and support requirements for faculty technology initiatives and applications being considered

This is who we are…

Randall Downer
Scientific Computing Administrator
Office: Davis Science Center 116
Phone: 207-859-4223
E-mail: randall.downer@colby.edu

Randy is responsible for administering the computing infrastructure used by the Natural Sciences division at Colby and oversees operation of the Schupf Scientific Computing Center in Keyes. He coordinates the IT needs of the Sciences with other groups in ITS as required.

Erin Connor
Instructional Technologist
Office: Miller Library 106
Phone: 207-859-4234
Email: Erin.Connor@colby.edu

Erin consults with faculty on the wide spectrum of educational technologies available to them and helps assemble and manage effective technology environments for instruction. She also works to introduce developing technologies with demonstrable pedagogical value.

Manny Gimond
GIS & Quantitative Analysis Specialist
Office: Diamond 220
Phone: 207-859-4203
Email: mgimond@colby.edu

Manny works with faculty to develop and manage quantitative analysis resources, including GIS and quantitative analysis computer laboratories. He provides consultation and support for quantitative analysis and GIS systems including hardware, software, data, training, and support.

Jason Parkhill
Director, Academic ITS
Office: Miller Library 106A
Phone: 207-859-4213
E-mail: jason.parkhill@colby.edu

Jason is responsible for management of Academic ITS staff and operations. He works closely with faculty in the evaluation and assessment of applications of information technology and their effectiveness in meeting educational objectives, identifying new and innovative technology applications, and exploring opportunities for collaboration with other institutions.

Adam Nielsen
Technology Education Specialist
Office: Miller Library 106B
Phone: 207-859-4217
Email: adam.nielsen@colby.edu

Adam coordinates the technology education efforts of the Academic ITS group. He is responsible for preparing and delivering training programs and manages a group of student tutors who work one-on-one with members of the College community to address tech education needs.

Qiuli Wang
Instructional Media Specialist
Office: Lovejoy 420
Phone: 207-859-4227
Email: qxwang@colby.edu

Qiuli oversees operation of the Language Resource Center and Instructional Media Center in Lovejoy. She is responsible for supporting the many services offered through these Centers including support for language instruction computing needs, streaming media, media conversion, large format poster printing, and course-based digital video production projects.